The Harps are Hushed (by Dorothy Macnab Ramsay)


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Third book in the Pictish Queen trilogy.

In the last of her trilogy, Dorothy Macnab Ramsay brings the Dark Age of Scotland vividly to life. In this dramatic and colourful story she tells of the epic events leading to the downfall of the Pictish Kingdom.

Escaping from her tyrannical father, the Princess Alma marries the new king, Onuist. She fights for the survival of herself and her family while Vikings attack the land in an orgy of destruction. Accompanied by a mysterious gipsy, Coran, and playing her harp, Aeoliah, she tries to keep the heritage of her people alive. But when the Scot,  Kenneth Mac Alpin, comes out of the west, it seems that the heritage will be lost forever.

“She has the gift of story telling and the enthusiasm for the Scotland Story” – Nigel Trantner