The East Wemyss Plane Crash (by Alex Darwood)


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Local historian Alex Darwood’s account of events that shook East Wemyss in 1948 when Fleet Air Arm Commander Wilfred Waller, of 807 Squadron, manage to steered a blazing aeroplane over the rooftops of the village only to crash land in a nearby field.

Recalls the bravery of local heroes who rushed to pull the pilot clear of the burning wreck. Also testifies to the long term commitment of Mr Darwood who, along with other witnesses of the fatal day and assistance of Save Wemyss Ancient Caves Society, determined to keep alive the memory of the pilot and honour the courage of his would be rescuers with a commemorative plaque.

Includes eye witness accounts, background military and personal history of Waller and the Fleet Air Arm.

Photographically illustrated

Author: Alex Darwood

Published by: Save Wemyss Ancient Caves Society