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The School Wynd mural

The colourful, ammonite shaped ceramic wall mural in School Wynd was created in the Millennium year by imaginatively combining designs submitted by local school pupils for a FACET (Fife Arts and Crafts Training) Community Arts Project. In fact the East Wemyss Mural Project was the first Specific Community / Social Art Project undertaken by FACET.

The intention was to create a 16 foot circular mural for the wall opposite the Primary School based on local themes, including coal mining, fishing, the sea, flora and fauna, vernacular housing and fossil rich geology; it even features the Wemyss Swan emblem and the famous Pictish carvings in the nearby sea caves. The spiralling ammonite design encapsulates the unique history and geology of an area so deeply influenced and shaped by its proximity to the sea.

Each ceramic panel is different in style and shape, reflecting the imaginative work of every individual child involved in the project. With the whole piece wrapping around a central panel which features a fish and a star. It really is a remarkable art work.

What is uncertain, however, is whether the mural is in any way connected to the Michael Swinton Brown commemorative plaque that shares the same wall. Does anyone recall being involved in the project and whether or not the commemorative plaque predates the ceramic mural? If so, let us know at