Guided tours from April to October

Clean-up Day at the Caves

Our new site wardens are doing a fantastic job of generally keeping the environs of the Wemyss Caves clean and tidy as well as alerting us to any problem situations, but the midwinter lack of vegetation gives us a chance to reach the litter in some of the less accessible places and clear it away. We also made a start on clearing away the rubbish that has been accumulating on the beach, but it’s going to take a few more sessions to deal with it all. Thanks to all our volunteers who turned up on a rather dreich day to help out.

We also took the opportunity to do a little more garden maintenance at our Visitor Centre. We are developing plans for a Pictish garden, choosing plants which would have been known, grown and used in the distant past by the Picts and their ancestors. At the moment we’re still working on suppressing the weeds and preparing the ground, but watch this space…
If you would like to be part of our regular beach cleanup team or can help with the Pictish garden, let us know!