Guided tours from April to October

Well Cave open day

Whilst the Wemyss Caves are famous for the ancient Pictish carvings that have been adorning their walls for over 1,500 years, there are also traditions, stories and indeed other carvings that have accrued over the many years since the time of the Picts, connecting the caves to people who maybe still live in the vicinity.
Perhaps the cave that best illustrates this wealth of local material is the Well Cave which, due to a rock fall within, has been closed for the last couple of years. However, after a full risk assessment we put in place the necessary measures to enable a special one-off open day to allow the public to see inside this special place.
A steady stream of visitors made the crawl inside where they could see the names and messages left inside over the last 200 years. Guides also explained the history of the cave, in particular its links to the traditions of Auld Handsel Monday.
We loved the opportunity to be able to show this cave to the public and hope to repeat it again in the future.