Galley of Dreams


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The West Highland galley, or birlinn, was used by the Lord of the Isles throughout the mediaeval period , having been adapted from the Viking longship by Somerled, the 12th century ruler of the Kingdom of Argyll and the Isles which stretched from the Isle of Lewis to the Isle of Man.  This painting on fabric is inspired by the stone carving of a galley in full sail, found on a grave slab of the 15th century in the burial ground of Kildalton Church on Islay. A foliated cross, in the form of an oak leaf roundel design, rises out of the galley’s mast.

High quality greetings cards by Fife artist Marianna Lines. Inspired by the stone monuments of Scotland.  Blank inside, allowing you to add a greeting suitable for any occasion. Each card comes with a plain white envelope.