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More vandalism at the caves

Received this report from one of our volunteers. Really disappointing to see the way some people treat this important site of Scottish heritage.

“I’m not sure if you are already aware of this, but there has been a very serious vandalism incident at the Well Cave. It looks to me as if about four or five wheelie bins have been set on fire in the cave. The smoke damage inside and outside is extensive. I have cleared a lot of ash, melted plastic and other debris from the floor of the cave, but a lot still remains. Some of the plastic is fused to boulders on the cave floor. Some of these boulders may have come from the lower chamber of the cave – I have not been in that far – and others brought in from outside. I also cleared a lot of party debris from Jonathan’s Cave (inside and out), no lasting damage there as far as I could see. There is still a bit more tidying up required in Court Cave (another fire) and I’ll get on to that later in the week.”