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Protective Gates at the Wemyss Caves

Towards the end of 2020 we drew up proposals to install protective gates at the Wemyss Caves. Ongoing issues with vandalism and graffiti are putting the survival of the ancient and unique carvings on the site at risk. We have been working hard to come up with a solution and can now announce the plans for Court Cave and Jonathan’s Cave.
The new proposals will replace the broken metalwork in Jonathan’s Cave with sensitively designed gates in resistant materials which will withstand the coastal environment for decades to come. It will even be possible to incorporate Pictish symbols as a design feature of the gates. Court Cave will also benefit from new gates installed inside the cave to protect the area of carvings.
It’s important to stress that we are not proposing to shut off the Caves. The gates will only be installed in the areas of Jonathan’s and Court Caves that contain carvings and our intention is that they will be open during daylight but lockable at night – which is when the majority of damage happens.
Before we finalise the plans, we want to hear your views and gather feedback so we can go ahead with the project fully supported by local residents and visitors to the caves. So please take the time to study the proposals and complete the consultation form.