Guided tours from April to October

Successful Week at the Community Space

From Monday, 12 October, through to Saturday, 17 October, SWACS had a stall at the Community Space in the Mercat Centre, Kirkcaldy.  The whole exhibition area was given over for the week to various local heritage groups brought together by Fife Mining Heritage Preservation Society.  We’re very grateful to them for the invitation to join in.  We used the opportunity to reach more people who were not aware of us and what we do, showing slideshows of old photographs on one screen and images of the cave carvings resulting from our RTI (Reflectance Transformation Imaging) project on another.  The generous grant we had received from Awards For All Scotland funded PC and projector as well as the photographic equipment needed for the RTI capture. 

Over 1500 people visited the exhibition during the week and we found a few potential volunteers who we’re hoping will join us and help in the work of saving the caves.